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What is the cdc?

Over the years, there seems to be a question as to what the Arlee CDC (Community Development Corporation) is and what it is that we do.

With that in mind, we decided to explain it to you all, to the best of our ability!

The Mission of the Arlee CDC is: “The Arlee CDC will assist and foster the planning and development of projects deemed to be beneficial socially, physically, economically and culturally to the public interest of the Arlee-Jocko Valley Community.”

What exactly does that mean you may ask?  Simply put, we as an organization, are a voice for the community.  In hearing what the community wants, the CDC is here to help implement the vision of our community members.

For example, the community came together and said that our highway was unsafe for the children to ride their bikes to school.  From this, the Jocko Valley Trails committee was formed and the community now has a section of trails to ride and walk safely to and from town!

Our school’s funding was cut and unfortunately, our arts and music programs were deeply affected.  In the past, the CDC did fundraising locally as well as apply for a grant, to create the after-school art program.  Currently, we are working on a collaboration with the school to provide additional programing to serve our youth.

When our soccer program needed help with equipment and our youth baseball needed help paying for umps, the CDC was there to help.  When the community wanted locally sourced fruits and vegetables, the CDC formed the Jocko Valley Farmer’s Market.  When community members brought to light the appearance of the town, the CDC was there to help with the “Town Square Project,” where a competition was created in weeding and decorating the “squares” along our main thoroughfare. 

These are only a few of the things that the CDC has been involved in over the years.  The Arlee CDC also serves as a fiscal agent for many groups. 

As a fiscal agent, we can act as a 501(c)(3) to help you qualify for grants, provide fiscal management services, and where requested, provide project management support.   To name a few, the Arlee CDC has assisted TEDxArlee, Stipn Culture Camp, Killdeer Artisans, Arlee Public Library and Arlee Club Unity.

To continue on, we need your help.  How you may ask?  The answer is to become a member of the Arlee CDC.  The annual membership fee is only $10 a year. 

The commitment you make, is up to you.  Some will pay the yearly due and be kept up to date as to what is going on and that will be as far as it goes.  Others will pay their dues and volunteer to be on a committee of interest.  Others still, will choose to be on the board, attend the 4 quarterly meetings and be a part of the decision making. 

The $10 helps us as a source of revenue, but more importantly, it shows community support to potential funders.  Funders want to see that community members are behind the vision of the CDC.  The more community support, the better the chance of being funded!

In the spring of 2016, the Arlee CDC participated in a Community Visioning meeting, along with area residents and local groups and organizations to discuss the needs and wants of our community.  From that meeting 119 wants/needs were identified.  From there, five categories were created to reflect what the community deems important. 

Committees have been formed for 3 of the 5 categories, and we feel we are on a roll!  It is our hope to have more community involvement than ever before.  No matter your commitment, every level of support helps!

Please join us on the last Monday of the month at 6pm in the Arlee High School Library for our monthly meeting! 

We look forward to moving into the future with YOU and making our vision a reality!


  • The Arlee Community Development Corporation will assist and foster the planning and development of projects deemed to be beneficial socially, physically, economically and culturally to the public interest of the Arlee-Jocko Valley community.

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