Our Mission and Guiding Principles

Arlee Community Development Corporation

Arlee CDC Mission and Guiding Principles

MISSION STATEMENT (adopted November 2002)

The Arlee Community Development Corporation (Arlee CDC) will assist and foster the planning and development of projects deemed to be beneficial socially, physically, economically, and culturally to the public interest of the Arlee-Jocko Valley community.

Guiding principles for implementation of mission statement adopted April 2010.

Our projects will include strategies that:

• are sustainable;

• are culturally appropriate and recognize our place as the southern entrance to the Flathead Indian Reservation;

• provide both economic and social benefit;

• recognize our need to protect the special and beautiful environment in which live;

• employ local residents and provide training opportunities for adults and youth;

• increase the economic viability of our existing businesses and organizations;

• insure that money paid into our local economy stays in our local economy as long as possible before it is paid out;

• are cooperative.